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Patients will be asked to provide their insurance information prior to their office visit. At the time of the office visit, we will verify information, copy the patient’s insurance card and driver’s license and discuss with the patient our policy for handling their specific type of insurance. We will collect the patient’s copay at the time of service.

GPOA will file insurance claims for all services covered under their insurance plan. Please note that non-covered services, co-payments and/or deductibles are the responsibility of the patient at the time of the visit. Per our agreement with our participating insurances we cannot adjust any co-payment or deductible. Patients may also be asked for payment of routine office services at the time of their visit, which could include x-ray copays and durable medical equipment. We accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Self-pay patients are required to pay $150 at time of service. However, there may be additional charges that apply and will be dependent of the services provided by the doctor during the visit. Additional charges may include, but is not limited to, injections, x-rays, ultrasounds and durable medical equipment. The initial $150 is not the final amount owed for the visit.

Prior to any scheduled surgery, Greater Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Associates will review your medical insurance benefits to determine if you have fulfilled your deductible for the year. If your deductible has not yet been fulfilled, you will be asked to prepay for your surgery. If the surgery costs more than you have remaining on your deductible, you will only have to pay GPOA the remainder of your deductible. If you are a self-pay patient you will also be required to prepay for your surgery. Upon review of your insurance benefits, a billing representative will call to review your deductible and collect payment on upcoming services. If you receive a message from GPOA, please return the call as soon as possible to ensure there are no interruptions with your scheduled surgery.


  • If your insurance changes, and you have surgery scheduled, you need to notify the office immediately.
  • Your insurance benefits may also include coinsurance, but GPOA will not collect that prior to surgery; balance for coinsurance will be billed after insurance processes your claim.
  • If you have any questions about your insurance benefits, we encourage you to call the member services number on the back of your insurance card for the most accurate information.

If needed, a payment plan can be arranged to suit the patient’s budget. We require surgery balances to be paid in full within four months of the surgery date. Our Patient Account Representatives are available in the offices to personally answer billing and insurance questions or you may call our billing office at 412-661-5500, option 2.